Influencer Babes

Check out our Cocobabe Influencers! Babes from around the globe who love our Lashes so much they wanted to share them with their followers! 


Meet Billee: 
Billee Canning is a Canadian Model that has been on numerous covers of magazines, has travelled around the world and walked the runway in the New York Fashion Week.




Meet Julie:
Introducing our influencer Julie, AKA "The Queen Of Face."
Julie currently owns her own medical aesthetics business called “The Queen of Face.”
Julie is a business owner, volunteer, and leader in the medical aesthetics industry. Julie has been published in several articles in her field and is a guest speaker at conferences across Canada.
We are proud to call her one of our Cocobabe influencers.  Julie leads by example and is a supporter of other women in business. She is everything Coconoir stands for and more! 

Above photo: Julie wearing "Fabulous"~FIERCE COLLECTION

Meet Ashley:

Ashley is our Original COCOBABE! Ashley is our model wearing all of our lashes you see on all of our platforms! Ashley is from Saskatchewan, Canada.
Ashley's eyes are out of this world gorgeous, but that isn't the only reason we selected Ashley as our model.  Ashley represents our Coconoir vision, as she is not only a strong independent single mother, but she is just as beautiful on the inside as the beauty that radiates from her when you look at her!

Ashley works full time in an administration role for a Construction group, and in the evenings she manages a busy popular bar in Regina. 

Ashley took it upon herself to host a yearly "Girl Sleepover", which is an organization she started that brings women together and she hosts this event in her home.  Everyone is welcome and Ashley describes the event as an uplifting get together for anyone interested. Its a fun night where women can go and talk to other women in a non judging environment.  Ashley loves how many women come together and become great friends for which they would have never met without this event.  

Ashley is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet, and we are proud to have her represent our company.